6 Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Maple Grove Moving Company

Minnesota is one of the few underrated states in America. People like to praise California or New York for their glamour. But beyond physical wealth, Minnesota actually has plenty to offer in terms of nature, serenity, and stability.

Insert Maple Grove, a simple suburb of Minneapolis. The place proudly offers clean air, beautiful scenery, affordability, and a healthy lifestyle. No wonder it attracts people from in and out of the state.

That being said, moving somewhere else, even if it’s just a suburb can be tough. If you’re contemplating seeking movers for help, here are six essential questions you should ask your Maple Grove moving company.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

If there’s a question that needs to be asked first, it should be this one. Under the United States Department of Transportation, moving companies are required to be licensed and insured. A license means they’ve complied with the legal requirements set by the government in order to operate. However, this doesn’t ensure that your mover is honest or reputable, although it does mean they’ve passed some sort of background check.

Additionally, there are two ways to check your potential Maple Grove mover’s credibility:

  1. Ask for their USDOT number. This number will confirm the company’s registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Verify their status by entering the number on the Mover Search Tool.
  2. Get their MnDOT number. MnDOT, which stands for Minnesota Department of Transport, is a specific license regulating household movers in the entire state.

On top of a license, insurance is also crucial when hiring movers. If you hire a mover without insurance, then any damages incurred during your move will not be paid for by them – this means you’re paying out of pocket for repairs or replacement, which could cost thousands.

2. What Type of Services Do You Offer?

There are many different kinds of movers which cater to various moving needs. Your first choice should always be to hire movers who offer all three common types of moving services:

  • Full-Service Residential Moving – these professionals pack your stuff for you, load it onto the truck, drive it to its destination and unload it for you at the new location.
  • Commercial Moving – these experts pack, load, and unload offices and businesses so they can quickly resume operation.
  • Long-distance moving – these movers know how to relocate people from another state or even across the country. It also includes international moves.

In addition to these, there are also other specializations in the moving industry, including last-minute moves, white-glove moving (relocating precious collections), piano moving, furniture assembly, international relocation, and storage services. Discuss your demands with the movers.

Different moving companies cater to different types of moving, your best option is to hire a company that can do all types.

3. How Long Have You Been in The Business?

Experience is important when hiring a moving company. You want people who understand the logistics and know what they’re doing. That being said, new movers may be less expensive and equally as effective. However, one thing can’t be denied. The older the business, the more experience they probably have. This can be helpful to know because you would like your belongings to arrive safely and damage-free. Overall, it’s a matter of personal preference whether you prefer the inexpensive new company or the more experienced but pricier mover. But if you want to secure your investment, a company working around Maple Grove and across Minnesota will be the safest bet.

4. Do You Have Any References?

You should ask for references from previous clients whom you may contact personally. While the movers will almost definitely provide some kind of list of references, it’s best to check with someone who isn’t connected to them in any way (i.e., not their friend or family member.) This helps ensure that you get unbiased feedback on how well they did their job and how much you should expect to pay for services rendered.

5. How Much Do You Charge?

It might be awkward to ask about prices, but it’s a crucial question. For anyone moving, price is a top priority. Although prices may vary from company to company, the cheapest options need to be looked over carefully, and questions should be asked such as: “Does this deal include insurance?” or “What about fuel charges?” By asking these questions, you can avoid hidden charges that could add up when the time comes to unpack in your new home. Be sure to check that your potential Maple Grove movers are transparent with their rates. As much as possible, get everything written in a binding contract. This will help avoid backstabbing and hidden charges later on.

6. What is the Process of Filing a Damage Claim?

Last but definitely a question you shouldn’t skip. No matter how amazing a mover might seem, no one is perfect. It’s important to understand the process of filing a damage claim. A reputable company will have a straightforward process outlined on their website or inform you verbally about their claims procedure upon request. This way, you won’t be lost or stressed out if ever something goes wrong.

Before hiring any company, be sure to do your research.

Before You Hire a Moving Company

Ensure to do adequate research, from customer reviews to services and rates from your potential company. As much as possible, work with an established one to off-load the worrying burden on your shoulders. If you ever find yourself in a confusing spot on which mover to hire, consider reaching one of these movers in Maple Grove that are known for their reliability. Best of luck!

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