Packing Tips for an Easier Move to Maple Grove, MN

Thinking about a move is already stressful, but wait until you have to pack up everything in your house. Imagine if you had to move from a 4-bedroom house to a smaller house. The stress just quadrupled too! But not to worry. You’ve come across the best guide to get you out of this tight spot. That said, check out these tips on packing for a move without the added hassle into Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Declutter First

Most houses in Maple Grove are standard size. So if you’ve living in a spacious residence, you might want to consider downsizing. Also, chances are your rooms are filled with clutter – clothes and shoes you no longer wear, toys, books, even kitchen utensils. If you move them all, it’ll cost you a fortune. Not to mention consume your precious time. A much better option would be to go over the things you’ll bring, including necessities and those of value. The duplicates and unnecessary stuff? Consider organizing a garage sale or donate them to the local shelter to purge them.

Organize Your Moving Contracts

Get yourself a folder for all your moving contracts and everything related to the move. You should include the contact for the utility providers in your old and new places to schedule the service of utilities.

Invest in Packing Materials

These are the packing materials you need for the big move:

  • Sturdy moving boxes of various sizes
  • Foldable moving bags
  • Permanent markers
  • Duct tape, packing tapes, painter’s tape
  • Paper towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Bubble wrap and bubble pouches
  • Saran wrap
  • Rope, tie-down straps, zip ties
  • Zipper bags
  • Rubber bands
  • Cutters or scissors
  • Clear book folder
  • Small notebook
  • Pens

Use the Right Boxes (and Bags)

It is tempting to fill bigger boxes to limit the number of boxes. However, always consider loading the boxes to the moving trucks and unloading them to the new house. Pack heavier items in bigger boxes and heavier ones in smaller ones, especially if you’re moving out or into an apartment without a service elevator.

You may also use foldable moving bags for clothes, linen, plush toys, and other non-breakable items. Most of these bags are also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet.

Make sure the boxes and bags you are using are the right ones, not just ones you see right away.

Take Pictures and Label Each Box

Snap pictures of the content of every box to take stock of its content. You may stick the photos on the boxes to help you find a particular box. Print an inventory of the boxes’ contents and organize it in your moving folder for easier reference. You may also have a handy notebook to list the items in the box while packing them.

Assign a box for each room. Use a smaller box instead of filling the larger box with random items. Number the boxes if you have multiple boxes per room.

Extra Care for Breakables

Use your towels, linens, and even socks to pack the breakables. Socks and hand towels are perfect for packing perfume bottles and knickknacks from your bedroom. Linens are big enough to pack your lamps and vases, while towels are best for packing plates. Use kitchen towels for all sharp kitchen implements and secure them with rubber bands or zip ties.

Also, don’t forget to tape your shampoo, lotion, and cleaning supplies to avoid spilling them. A bubble wrap or bubble pouch should also do the trick for other breakables and bottled items.

Snap a Picture of Your Appliances Before Unplugging Them

If you’re not a techy person, setting up the desktop computer or the TV after the move is frustrating if you don’t know what goes where. Take a picture of your TV and computer’s back to refer to when setting them up later.

Hire a Professional Packer for Specialty Items

If you have antiques and valuable paintings, it is best to hire a professional moving and packing service to avoid the hassle of packing. They can also pack your appliances, chandeliers, and other fragile furniture for you. Aside from saving time and money (you don’t have to miss work and other significant events), you’ll also have the backup of experienced professionals. Professional packers also offer insurance coverage if something gets damaged during the move.

Make Use of Drawers in Your Dresser

Your drawers are your secret packing arsenal. After wrapping your perfumes and other breakables, use plastic wrap to pack the drawer. If your dresser is not too heavy, leaving the drawer on is a good option. Wrap the whole dresser in plastic wrap for easier moving.

Don’t Remove Your Clothes From Hangers

Packing and unpacking clothes take a lot of time. Leave the clothes on the hangers to cut the time you need for packing your clothes. Group them accordingly and wrap them in large trash bags for easy unpacking. Clothes for smaller kids can go into plastic organizer boxes for easier access. You may even use these boxes in the new house, so you don’t have to unpack them.

Pack the Essentials in One Bag

Imagine if the moving truck arrives at the new place a day late and you don’t have the essentials with you. Pack the essentials in a bag and throw it into your car. A change of clothes, personal hygiene kit, medication, your moving folder, phones and chargers, and even toys and blankets, if moving with kids, are the essentials you need with you on the move-out day.

Looking Forward to Your Relocation

Nervous about your move? You should be! This is a big moment in your life step after all. You might be having second thoughts right now but believe this, Maple Grove, MN, is an excellent melting pot of culture, not too large yet with a growing economy to support your family. Best of luck with this new chapter in life!

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