Welcome to Maple Grove Triathlon!

Welcome to the Maple Grove Triathlon site! We are a group of athletes in the Minneapolis area who love training for and competing in triathlons. Whether you’re contemplating your first race or you’ve completed an Iron Man, we invite you to join us. In addition to organizing training support groups, we also compete together and […]

Best Running and Biking Trails in the Twin Cities

Minnesota’s Twin Cities have some of the best trails for running, biking, and leisurely hikes. And with paved paths, wide lanes, beautiful scenery, and plenty of water fountains, it’s the perfect place to train for a variety of races. If you find yourself in the Midwest area and are looking for top-notch trails to check […]

Tri Hacks You Need to Incorporate Now

Preparing for the mental and physical intensity of a triathlon is no easy feat. And while training and discipline are crucial during the months leading up to a race, there are a few things that even the most well-trained athlete can overlook. To help keep you calm and focused at your next big event, here […]