Top Healthy Meal Kit Services to Keep Your Triathlon Training on Track

As athletes who also burn a lot of calories helping our clients move, our crew needs lots of healthy fuel to keep us going. We’ve found these meal kits are an awesome way to make healthy eating easy. Below we’ve listed some of the top healthy meal kit services (including some local options) that make eating nutritious meals practically effortless!

Minnesota’s Local Crate

A popular local meal-kit option for Minnesotans, you can sign up for fresh, local ingredients and chef-crafted recipes to be delivered right to your door. Each week there are 11 meals from which to choose – 6 rotational meals and 5 customer favorites. These include several vegetarian, Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free options for those seeking a diet-specific menu. Meals are delivered on Mondays, so you’ll get to start the week out right. Pricing for 2 meals for 2 starts at $13.50 serving, but order more (3 meals or more for 2) and the price drops to just $12/serving. Plus, shipping is always free!

Freshly Prepared Meal Delivery

Freshly’s delivers meals that are high in protein, low in carbs, and contain zero gluten and refined sugars. This meal delivery service guarantees these healthy meals in less than two minutes, making the decision to opt for healthy versus junk food even more appealing. All Freshly’s requires of you is to reheat your meals, as they arrive at your door refrigerated and ready to pop in the microwave. Right now, you can sign up through Boxed Mealz and receive 30% off your first order.


Green Chef Organic Meal Service

Green Chef is a 100% certified organic meal kit that promises ingredients free of antibiotics, GMOs, and hormones. Each week, you’ll receive a subscription box with all the ingredients needed to cook amazing meals in under 30 minutes. The service offers 5 different meal plans – vegan, Paleo, gluten-free, carnivore, and vegetarian, making it easy to stick to your diet. Depending on the plan you choose, meals range between $10.49-$14.99/serving.

Hello Fresh

This recognizable European brand has made a splash since its introduction to the U.S. Hello Fresh boasts simple and straightforward recipes that make mealtime easy. The company’s dieticians make sure that every meal is nutritionally balanced before it’s shipped to your door. Choose from one of three meal plans – the Classic, the Veggie, or the Family Plan. All are reasonably priced at under $10/serving.

Pete’s Paleo

A popular brand among CrossFit athletes and our own triathlete community, Pete’s Paleo will plan, shop, cook, AND deliver right to your door. All meals consist exclusively of Paleo-friendly ingredients like grass-fed protein and seasonal produce with no added sugar, gluten, or dairy. If you’re looking for a meal kit that delivers high levels of protein for sustained energy and muscle recovery, Pete’s Paleo is worth a try. Meals start at $12.13/serving.


Purple Carrot

Adhering to a demanding workout regimen and trying to stay satisfied on a vegan diet can be a real challenge. However, Purple Carrot is revolutionizing plant-based eating. Every meal is strictly vegan, but far from boring. Purple Carrot ensures that all its meals are delicious, tasty, and full of flavor. Here are just a few of the appetizing menu items: beet burger with roasted grapes, roasted red pepper and spinach quesadilla, and a curried millet with asparagus. Yum! Meals start at $9.25/serving and shipping is free! Check out the Boxed Mealz Facebook page for the most recent discounts.


For many athletes, smoothies are a great way to pack in replenishing nutrients on the go. GreenBlender offers smoothie delivery that ditches cliché flavors like banana and raspberry for exotic superfood smoothies like spicy mango, blueberry cobbler, and more! The price per smoothie starts at just $3.90 when you order in bulk, making this option much more affordable than your local Smoothie King or Jamba Juice.



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